Matt Bladin

The Leftover Makeover


The leftover Makeover

Ideation & Art Direction / Industry Project


With an estimated 5 million tonnes of perfectly edible food tossed each year, food waste is at its highest at Christmas time; Aussies throw out 30% more food than they usually do.

Foodies love nothing more than sharing their Christmas creations on social media, but unfortunately, they’re locked into a one meal mindset, and are adding to the waste problem.

So with the help of Australia’s top chefs we gave foodies the inspiration they needed to reimagine their Christmas leftovers into a whole new insta-worthy meal.

This was an amazing opportunity for Phoebe Sloane and myself to collaborate with Facebook’s Creative Shop and Ozharvest’s marketing team.


GIFs that keep on giving

Once the campaign was live, we continued to inform and inspire our audience. ‘Use-by Boomerangs’ were released each day; timed to remind foodies which of their favourite Christmas leftovers needed to be eaten before they expire.


Making the message stick

When trying to inspire a foodie audience so in-tune with the platform we had to make sure our campaign felt like it was native to Instagram.

We created a custom set of Instagram ‘stickers’ and used them throughout all the videos. Members of the public joining the challenge also used the stickers in their videos when they joined the #LeftoverMakeover.


The results

The campaign was successful in turning a time of peak wastefulness into a time of resourcefulness. It connected with over half a million Australians potentially rescuing 13 tonnes of holiday leftovers.