Matt Bladin
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Taken In Victoria


Taken In VictorIa

Ideation & Art Direction / CHE PROXIMTY


We started with the insight that our most prized possessions largely define who we are. It’s the sense of identity and joy that Victorians get from using their favourite items that makes them worth protecting.

Single Item insurance is a unique product because it covers these prized possessions wherever they go -not just at home. So we wanted to highlight this with a campaign that showed the joy that can be found when you can go out and enjoy your favourite thing anywhere.


To do this we created an epic product demonstration; replacing one stolen camera, insuring it and then using it to tell the story of it’s owner rediscovering a lost passion.

Through an integrated campaign showed the real benefits of protecting your favourite thing.


The exhibition that wouldn’t have happened without a stolen camera

We used 186 traditional billboards featuring 464 original photos (each contextual to location) to create Victoria’s largest ever open-air exhibition.


Telling An integrated Story

Using mobile location data, viewers were targeted with online video content explaining the shot they’d seen IRL. They could then click through to watch the whole story.

Our online film shows how RACV allowed Bodhi to explore Victoria while he shares first hand insights into how Single Item Insurance can restore a lost passion.


Insuring Victoria’s Favourite things

From the video viewers could then buy their own insurance policy through RACV’s online store.

On social we broke the conventional Instagram grid to create an interactive extension of the exhibition.



Taken In Victoria is currently being entered in award shows around the globe.

At it’s first show (as of May 2019), The Caples Awards it picked up 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Trophies in Traditional OOH, Guerrilla and Integrated Categories.