Matt Bladin
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Digital Art Direction / CHE PROXIMTY is the main source of knowledge for both Mazda owners, car enthusiasts, and new customers alike. However, prior to 2017 the site was built on an ageing platform that was ill-prepared for future eCommerce needs. It also suffered from content bloat and outdated UI.

In 2016, Mazda Australia engaged us to do a complete overhaul of their digital platform. Our goal was to not only redesign and modernise the interface - we also aimed to improve conversions, streamline user journeys, optimise content, and help Mazda achieve a premium brand positioning.


Roadmap to success

From the get-go, our overarching goal was to create the best digital automotive experience in Australia.

To stay true to this, we developed a set of design principles to help guide us. These principles proved essential to every decision we made.

Establishing the Narrative

Each vehicle has it’s own personality and audience, so their landing pages has to capture this sense of character while also acting as an extension of their other comms in market.

These vehicle landing pages are the source of all knowledge for each Mazda model. They hold a vast array of information, such as pricing, specs, model variations, colours, and tech features.


Designing a bespoke visual language

To accompany the high-quality product renders that are used frequently throughout the site, we created a set of 3D skeuomorphic icons to represent the key sections of the website - such as Build a Mazda, Find a Dealer, & MyMazda.

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Making it human

With product-focused websites, it’s easy to lose a human touch. That's why one of the main goals when planning content was to make sure the site maintained a human element throughout. On vehicle landing pages, where the focus should be on the car, people are subtly shown by their interactions with the car. For example, shots of a person with their hands on the steering wheel, or interacting with the infotainment system.

However, in the owners section, the emphasis shifts to instead be about how a Mazda fits into a person’s life. By utilising more human-focused imagery we can show that ownership of a Mazda is a special experience that is enjoyable as it is easy.


The results

Following a successful launch in March 2017, the site went on to attract over 1.4 million visitors in the first three months; The overhauled platform brought Mazda into the future, and further cemented it as one of Australia’s top-selling car brands.