Matt Bladin
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AGL Mardi Gras 2018


Look Behind the Pride

Ideation & Art Direction / CHE PROXIMTY


The collective voice of the Australian queer community has always been at its loudest during Midsumma & Mardi Gras. This voice is often expressed to the public through candid Pride imagery and slogans.

But behind the war cries and painted rainbows, each individual has their own reasons for celebrating Pride.

Our campaign went behind the public perceptions of Pride to reveal real stories beneath them.

As part of their major sponsorship of the event, AGL worked with individuals within the community, sharing their stories and raising their voices to transcend the noise of the party.

Amplifying real voices

We interviewed 8 Individuals across the LQBTQIA+ community. We shared real stories, from a diverse range of perspectives, detailing their journey to Pride.

The campaign copy was written from their quotes across 7 core themes.


Continuing the conversation

When clicking through to the campaign URL users could find the more in-depth story from each of our 8 community members. These stories elaborated further on the core themes our research uncovered.

Here the broader community and allies could join in the conversation by sharing what Pride has come to mean to their own unique journey.