Matt Bladin
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AGL Essentiauls


The art of the sale

Ideation & Art Direction / CHE PROXIMTY


At a time when Australian energy prices are a national topic and consumer mistrust of the category is high, AGL recently engaged CHE Proximity for the launch of its new product, 'Essentials'.

Offering consumers choice amid what many find to be a sea of confusing deals and discounts in the industry the new Essentials product instead simply offers low rates, fixed for 12 months. 


With production company Scoundrel, CHE Proximity collaborated with renowned Australian artist and director James Dive to create a campaign based around minimalist installations. Across three films, these installations depict the artful destruction of common annoyances and clichés of the retail world, from red sales balloons, to irritating retail voices and discount flyers. All subsequently reveal AGL's bold, simple message: 'No discounts. No tricks. Just low rates'.

Just the start of an ongoing integrated campaign, these films are designed to be a force for disruption in a noisy and predictable category, eschewing voiceover and embracing provocative sound design.

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